Play the Game (2008)

Play the game poster

With a star cast comprising of some famous TV stars (Andy Griffith, Doris Roberts, Liz Sheridian, Marla Sokoloff and Paul Campbell) this movie looked interesting to me and I sure was not disappointed with Play the Game.

David (Paul Campbell) is a typical player who hasn’t been in a meaningful relationship with anyone and works at his dad’s dealership. He decides to visit his Grandpa Joe (Andy Griffith) after ages at the retirement home and as the two of them get close, both their lives undergo some major transformation. After meeting Julie (Marla Sokoloff), David starts believing that he might have a shot at a real relationship. Grandpa Joe on the other hand just lost his wife, and David wants him to go out and meet women. He teach him the games that he uses with women. Grandpa Joe soon meets two beautiful women Edna (Liz Sheridian) and Rose (Doris Roberts) and starts to use some of his grandson’s tricks! David on the other hand slowly gives into Grandpa Joe’s advice on love and relationships.

It’s quite entertaining to watch Grandpa Joe use David’s tricks and see their relationship grow on a very unexpected ground.

This movie is a good pick if you want to watch a cute and funny movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Relax and enjoy!

My rating: 3/5

Credits: Google Images


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