Nice Guy Johnny (2010)

Confrontation. Facing the facts of life. Many of us are scared to go ahead and follow our dreams. Until we take that final leap and go for it. That’s what Nice Guy Johnny is all about.

Young-almost-25 year old Johnny (Matt Bush), loves his job as a sports radio jockey in Oakland, CA. He has to deal with his high maintenance fiancee, Claire (Anna Wood). His promise to his fiancee puts his dream in jeopardy. Forced by his fiancee, Johnny, a man of his word, agrees to to attend a job interview set up by Claire’s father in New York. He meets his casanova uncle, Terry (Edward Burns) who tells him to follow his dreams. He is introduced to Brook (Kerry Biche), carefree and charming. She also feels that he should not give up on his dreams. Now, it’s up to Johnny to decide whether he wants to pursue his dreams or give it up all and get married.

Set in the beautiful locales of the Hampton’s, I found it to be a delightful romantic comedy. Nice guy Johnny is a really nice!

My rating: 3/5

My favorite line:

What does your dream pay for, while I pay for everything else?

It makes me happy.

Credits: Google Images


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