Seven Days in Utopia (2011)

I was looking at movies based on Sport and Seven Days in Utopia was one of Netflix’s suggestions. Not really a good one but nevertheless, I watched it.


Luke Chislom (Lucas Black) was devastated after he made a disastrous debut at a golf open, and lands in Utopia. He meets an old man, who helps him repair his car. Luke finds out that Johnny (Robert Duvall) used to be a pro golfer himself. Johnny proposes that Luke stays in Utopia for 7 days and get his act together. Luke accepts the offer and Johnny makes him go through a series of activities in the beginning, none of which related to golf.

Lesson 1. Fly-fishing. When I saw that, I was like seriously? I’m not golfer myself, so I did not understand the connection. Another lesson included painting, where Luke channels his thoughts on how he would score and brings it out in a picture. As he goes through these lessons, he learns something new not about golf but about life. The ending had a twist which was quite surprising and that was the best part, I would say.

Overall, a so-so movie but is pleasing for the eyes. I don’t find golf an enticing sport and maybe that’s why I did not enjoy the movie. Golf lovers out there may enjoy this, but for me it was just another flick where famous guy enters small town and transforms himself into a completely new person.

My favorite line:

Confidence comes in being prepared.

My Rating: 2.5/5

Credits: Google Images

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