Love and Other Disasters (2006)

I was looking for a relaxing comedy and Love and Other Disasters did satisfy that!

Love and other disastersThe movie is about a vogue fashion intern, Emily (Britanny Murphy) who love setting up her friends and helping them find true love. She lives with her gay friend, Peter (Matthew Rhys) and shares a very close relationship with him. A new fashion photographer starts working with Emily and she thinks he would be the perfect guy for Peter. Peter on the other hand is smitten by someone and tries to pursue his love interest. Emily is so blinded by setting up people that she forgets that she has someone who loves her and wishes to be with her right in front of her. The truth slowly unwinds as Emily is on the path to finding her love.

Peter’s point of view is narrated as it is hilarious! There are some parts where you start to think that the movie is lame but once I saw this part, I got interested.

Here’s the clip!

It was a good watch for me as I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be like the regular boy-meets-girl-and-falls in love kind of movie, but it was most certainly not.

My Rating: 3.5/5

(An extra 0.5 just for this clip!)

My favorite line: Dawn French’s analogy from the clip!

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You again (2010)

You again is a film about people caught up in their high-school world.


Marni (Kirsten Bell) is one those glass-with-braces-plus-acne high school kids who gets bullied by Joanna (Odette Annable). High school has passed and everyone has moved on. That’s what we would imagine. Marni is now promoted as a Vice-president at her PR firm and doing well for herself. As she heads back home for her brother’s wedding, she speaks to her mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) and finds out that Will (James Wolk) is marrying Joanna. The high school feelings creep up for Marni as she returns home to find out that everyone has warmed up very well to Joanna including her grandma (Betty White). What’s even more surprising is Marni’s mom, Gail finds out that Joanna’s aunt, Ramona was one of her competitors in high school.

The movie then revolves around Marni trying get a good apology from Joanna about what she did to her in high school and proving to her brother what a phony she thinks Joanna is.

Overall, I thought the movie was predictable. You know how the movie is going to proceed and how it’s going to end. The movie kept bouncing between emotions and some silly comic moments.

My Rating: 2.5/5

My favorite line: The tagline

What doesn’t kill you…is going to marry your brother.

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How Do You Know (2010)

After seeing the star studded cast of How Do You Know, I was tempted to watch this movie and I did. I was well, more than disappointed.

The movie is about a softball player, Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) who has been cut off from her team as she hits 31. She is dating one of the baseball players (Owen Wilson). One day she suddenly receives a call from a businessman (Paul Rudd) with whom she ends up having dinner with. He is caught up with a law suit that involves his father (Jack Nicholson). What follows is a love triangle.

Sounds like one of the regular triangles right? But this definitely was not one of them. There was no chemistry between the people in the triangle. The dialogues were incomprehensible and it was not even pleasant to watch. There was not even a feel good factor at the end of the movie. In all, an unpleasant watch.

My Rating: 2/5

My favorite line: None

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Nice Guy Johnny (2010)

Confrontation. Facing the facts of life. Many of us are scared to go ahead and follow our dreams. Until we take that final leap and go for it. That’s what Nice Guy Johnny is all about.

Young-almost-25 year old Johnny (Matt Bush), loves his job as a sports radio jockey in Oakland, CA. He has to deal with his high maintenance fiancee, Claire (Anna Wood). His promise to his fiancee puts his dream in jeopardy. Forced by his fiancee, Johnny, a man of his word, agrees to to attend a job interview set up by Claire’s father in New York. He meets his casanova uncle, Terry (Edward Burns) who tells him to follow his dreams. He is introduced to Brook (Kerry Biche), carefree and charming. She also feels that he should not give up on his dreams. Now, it’s up to Johnny to decide whether he wants to pursue his dreams or give it up all and get married.

Set in the beautiful locales of the Hampton’s, I found it to be a delightful romantic comedy. Nice guy Johnny is a really nice!

My rating: 3/5

My favorite line:

What does your dream pay for, while I pay for everything else?

It makes me happy.

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The Good Guy (2009)

Today, I saw this romantic comedy set in New York city: The Good Guy.

Tommy (Scott Porter) is a Wall Street guy who is in need of someone who can take over Baker’s (Colin Egglesfield, from Something Borrowed) role. He spots Daniel (Bryan Greenberg), a guy who gets coffee and fixes PC’s at the firm. It’s now his job to teach Daniel how to be a Wall Street guy. He also helps him change his personality to meet women. Daniel tries out his charm on Beth (Alexis Bledel, from Gilmore Girls), Tommy’s girlfriend. As the title suggests, there is a good guy and there is a bad guy. So who is the good guy? Tommy or Daniel?

A story about how a girl meets the right guy and knows that he’s the right one. Not an unfamiliar one. I thought that Beth would be the central character but the movie had three central characters. I think that’s what makes this different from other films in the same genre. Most of them just focus on the boy meets girl part.

Writer/director Julio DePeitro also sheds some light on how these Wall Street guys trade and think only about how much they are going to make and not about how much richer their clients are going to get. I got introduced to a new book called The Lost Soldier. I’m having a hunch that this movie was inspired from it.

Do watch this light humored feel-good flick!

My favorite line:

If you forget your dreams, it’s like they never existed.

My rating: 3/5

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