Two and a Half Men: My versions

Today, I saw this on :

The new two and a half men

As a big fan of the show I was wondering, how does Ashton Kutcher swoop in? Here are my versions:

1. Charlie passes away because of a heart attack. The cause- A really rough night in the hump junction. I know he thinks that he loves Rose, but he loses it and has a really rough night. His sudden death draws attention and Alan wants to hire someone to investigate Charlie’s death. He bumps into Ashton (I don’t know what his character is called) who starts the murder investigation. Alan inherits Charlie’s house and with that comes his debt. Alan finds it hard to deal with all the payments. They soon discover that Charlie died of natural causes. Alan soon gets close to Ashton and suggests that he moves in to help him with the mortgage payments Charlie left him with. And then the story continues.

2. Here’s another one. Evelyn enters and asks Alan where Charlie is. He says Charlie has gone away for the weekend with Rose. As the weekend ends, Rose comes back alone. She brings bad news with her. She says that they met with an accident and this led to Charlie’s sad demise. At the funeral, one of the surprise characters is Ashton. He accompanies Mia (as her ex-husband) to the funeral. Turns out Mia is divorced because she realized that she had feelings for Charlie. Ashton is curious to find out about Charlie and hence insists on going with her to the funeral. As days pass, Ashton and Alan bond over bitching about Charlie. Ashton bitches about how Charlie stole Mia and Alan goes on about how Charlie is troubling him even from the beyond by leaving him with his debts. Soon Alan and Ashton become really close and Ashton moves in.

3. This is an easy one. Alan realizes that he is gay! And Ashton is his partner. Charlie dies because of a natural cause (the cause is left to our imagination)!. Alan is devastated and excited at the same time. He is excited as his new partner can move in with him and thus Ashton swoops in!

I don’t think Ashton would portray a role similar to Charlie as that would be really big shoes to fill in. I think he will play a fun character and continue to entertain the fans of Two and Half Men. Not sure if it be the same. We just have to wait and watch till 09/10/11.

What do you think would happen? Do add in your comments!