New Town Killers (2008)

We all enjoyed playing hide and seek as kids. And well, New Town Killers is based on exactly that.

Sean (James Anthony Pearson) and Sam (Charles Mnene) are two British kids roaming around the streets. Sean’s sister Alice (Liz White) owes 12,000 pounds because of something she did (the film doesn’t delve into details). One day Sean meets Alistair (Dougray Scott, the bad guy from MI-2) and Jamie (Alastair Macinzie), two investment bankers, and is offered a 1000 pounds if he hides from them all night. They also hand Sean a key to a locker in the subway station which contains another 11 grant. The locker has to be opened by 9am the next day. If he manages to do all of this then he can keep the money. Else he has to give them back the 1000 pounds. Sean decides to play along and the film is about them chasing each other.

I just found the film utterly boring. It tries too hard to capture the attention of the viewers by introducing some stunts in between. But in the end the movie is just about hide and seek with high stakes. The film looked promising in the beginning but in the end I just found the plot to be silly and faulty. The only thing I enjoyed was the film’s soundtracks.

My rating: 1.5/5

My favorite line: I honestly did not have any!

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Stone of Destiny (2008)

As I was deciding what to review today, I saw one of Netflix’s suggestions for me- Stone of Destiny. I got intrigued by the title and decided to watch it. Stone of Destiny blog

A young Scott, Ian (Charlie Cox) troubled by events in Scotland in the 1950’s and an ardent nationalist,  learns about the Stone of Destiny through his friend, Bill (Billy Boyd- the famous Pippin from Lord of the Rings). He decides to bring back the Stone of Destiny to his country. The story then revolves around this young group of Scottish people- Ian, Kay (Kate Mara- from 127 Hours, Iron Man 2), Gavin (Stephen McCole) and Alan (Ciaron Kelly), conspiring to return the stone to Scotland.

Watching them as they prepare for this and the events that follow makes this a good comedy. I loved seeing the Westminster Abbey again after William & Kate’s wedding!

The movie has good comic pacing but fails to deliver in terms of some good action. The characters are well sketched and I enjoyed watching the picturesque landscape of Scotland. Read more about the Stone of Destiny here before watching, as the film doesn’t really give a good background about it.

Overall I had fun watching it. Watch it if you are looking for a good entertainer with an interesting plot.

My rating: 3/5

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