The Good Guy (2009)

Today, I saw this romantic comedy set in New York city: The Good Guy.

Tommy (Scott Porter) is a Wall Street guy who is in need of someone who can take over Baker’s (Colin Egglesfield, from Something Borrowed) role. He spots Daniel (Bryan Greenberg), a guy who gets coffee and fixes PC’s at the firm. It’s now his job to teach Daniel how to be a Wall Street guy. He also helps him change his personality to meet women. Daniel tries out his charm on Beth (Alexis Bledel, from Gilmore Girls), Tommy’s girlfriend. As the title suggests, there is a good guy and there is a bad guy. So who is the good guy? Tommy or Daniel?

A story about how a girl meets the right guy and knows that he’s the right one. Not an unfamiliar one. I thought that Beth would be the central character but the movie had three central characters. I think that’s what makes this different from other films in the same genre. Most of them just focus on the boy meets girl part.

Writer/director Julio DePeitro also sheds some light on how these Wall Street guys trade and think only about how much they are going to make and not about how much richer their clients are going to get. I got introduced to a new book called The Lost Soldier. I’m having a hunch that this movie was inspired from it.

Do watch this light humored feel-good flick!

My favorite line:

If you forget your dreams, it’s like they never existed.

My rating: 3/5

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Spin (2007)

A Hangover-like film: Spin (You are here) is about six twenty-something people trying to recall what they did after having a crazy night at a club in LA.

The film starts with this guy, Ryan (Patrick Flueger, you may recognize him from Princess Diaries), who is madly in love with Cassie (Lauren German). After a crazy night, he wakes up in bed with Apple (Kate Cassidy), Cassie’s friend and doesn’t know how he got there. He narrates the events of the previous night to Mick (Adam Campbell). Mick in turn bumps into Audrey (Bijou Phillips) who tells her version of the night before. I think now you get the plot.

I enjoyed the way each person recalls the events of their crazy night. I thought the movie was going to lose my interest but writer/director Henry Pincus did a good job of keeping the run-time about 80 minutes. What makes this movie different from Hangover is that it’s not just about the dudes partying and wanting to have the time of their life. And of course, it’s set in LA, so that mellows the craziness.

With a twists in the turn of events and Mick’s cool British character, this movie was quite humorous to watch!

My rating: 3/5

My favorite line:

Do what you want. Do what you feel. Trust the universe and when you do, trust me it will all work out.

Sounds deep and meaningful, right?

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That’s what I am (2011)

8th grade. That’s the time when our character starts shaping up. In whatever timeline we are, some things never change in the 8th grade.There is always going to be that geek whom everyone doesn’t want to mingle with and that pretty girl with whom all the boys want to share a kiss with. Set in the 60’s, That’s what I am, is based on kids from the 8th grade, just before they blossom and reach high school!

Stanley (Alexander Walters) or Big G (G for ginger as he was a redhead), was one of the smartest kids in the school. But he was also one of the biggest geeks hanging out in the “geek corner”. Mr. Simon (Ed Harris), the English teacher, decided to pair up Andy (Chaise Ellison) with Stanley for a school project. Andy was frustrated with this choice and does not know what to do. He had no other option but to get the job done with Stanley. The film revolves around his narration of the happenings in the 8th grade at his school.

The film captures the kids very adeptly as they reach puberty. I think it was a very matured way to show that even the geekiest kid can be what he wants to be by maintaining his/her self respect and dignity. I enjoyed Ed Harris’s subdued characterization of Mr. Simon. I especially loved the part where Mr. Simon won a contest that involved describing world peace in 25 words or less and he just wrote an equation: Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace. The film is very crisp with some great lines by writer/director Michael Pavone.

Do watch this simplistic yet entertaining movie!

My rating: 3.5/5

My favorite line:

Life is about timing, opportunity and choices.

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Stone of Destiny (2008)

As I was deciding what to review today, I saw one of Netflix’s suggestions for me- Stone of Destiny. I got intrigued by the title and decided to watch it. Stone of Destiny blog

A young Scott, Ian (Charlie Cox) troubled by events in Scotland in the 1950’s and an ardent nationalist,  learns about the Stone of Destiny through his friend, Bill (Billy Boyd- the famous Pippin from Lord of the Rings). He decides to bring back the Stone of Destiny to his country. The story then revolves around this young group of Scottish people- Ian, Kay (Kate Mara- from 127 Hours, Iron Man 2), Gavin (Stephen McCole) and Alan (Ciaron Kelly), conspiring to return the stone to Scotland.

Watching them as they prepare for this and the events that follow makes this a good comedy. I loved seeing the Westminster Abbey again after William & Kate’s wedding!

The movie has good comic pacing but fails to deliver in terms of some good action. The characters are well sketched and I enjoyed watching the picturesque landscape of Scotland. Read more about the Stone of Destiny here before watching, as the film doesn’t really give a good background about it.

Overall I had fun watching it. Watch it if you are looking for a good entertainer with an interesting plot.

My rating: 3/5

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